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Dr Vrushali Sarode is a Qualified Dermatologist and Cosmetologist specializing  in various dermatology, Aesthetic treatments. 

Dr Ashish Sarode (IR) is a Vascular and  Interventional Radiologist practising in Thane, Mumbai providing Minimally invasive non surgical pinhole treatments for Vascular and various surgical disorders. 


Pigmentation- sign of Chronic venous disease

Venous disease causing pooling of blood in the tissue which  causes a darkening of the skin. It is at this stage that the skin is actually stained by your own blood. This is also known as venous stasis skin changes, skin hyperpigmentation or venous stasis dermatitis because the skin is often inflamed, itchy and eczema-like.


Cosmetic consultation for a beautiful you!

You are considering cosmetic surgery to address specific concerns about your appearance and achieve the look you have in mind, right? It follows, then, that your cosmetologist should fully understand your needs and be able to achieve results that will meet your expectations. Get a feel for whether or not the doctor “gets” you and seems sincerely interested in helping you achieve your personal goals. 

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Calf Pain?? Venous Vs Arterial disease

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Are Spider veins bothering you? 

If you spot spider veins on your body, it’s important to take action and notify a doctor. Although spider veins are often purely cosmetic, they can be a symptom of something much deeper.



Yes, it’s true! This treatment is a technique that can help give a more V-shaped face and slimmer profile.  Botox   for facial slimming is a popular service for people with a more masculine, square-shaped jawline or chubbier cheeks.  This can be the result of having large masseter muscles which cause the face to look rounder and too square. It’s a great option for patients that do not want surgery, but also want a more evenly proportioned facial structure.

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LASER  Varicose veins & Phlebectomy.

Endovenous Laser is a new method of treating varicose veins without surgery. Instead of tying and removing the abnormal veins, they are heated by a laser. The heat kills the walls of the veins and the body then naturally absorbs the dead tissue and the abnormal veins are destroyed. It can be carried out in a simple treatment room rather than an operating theatre.

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Why doctors and not Google? 

With technological boom, we have internet to our help and you may rely on it heavily. Lot of information is avaialbe at mere click of mouse. Self diagnosis and treatment of a particular symptom can be counter productive or dangerous. Google may not know your age , weight, you previous medical history. It may not know your temperature or smell of your breath, voice character etc. Diagnosis may depend lot on other factors which you might think are sinister. Moreover, Google search  could give some treatment, but cant treat or anticipate adverse effect if any. 

Why see only a DERMATOLOGIST for skin issues

Dermatologists understand the interaction between the skin and the body. What seems like a simple rash might be a sign of underlying disease. Many skin conditions come with related issues, known to physicians as comorbidities. For example:

  • Patients with severe acne are 46% more likely to have major depression

  • Eczema patients risk significant eye disease like glaucoma and cataracts

  • Diabetes patients are 50% more likely to also have psoriasis

  • AIDS patients can suffer significant loss of facial fat, making living with their disease challenging

Even if you think your concern is “just cosmetic” seeking the advanced medical expertise of a dermatologist is a smart move.

Can we win over ACNE?

The right skin regimen is an important step in preventing and treating acne, a common skin condition characterized by pimples and other lesions that arise when excess sebum (oil) and dead cells plug hair follicles.

What happens if Varicose veins are not treated?

Varicose veins start as small prominent veins, which enlarge and become prominently visible. If not treated it can lead to skin darkening, clots, itching or wounds.

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